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I am so pleased you have made the decision to join our community and really hope that you enjoy the content as much as we have enjoyed putting it together for you. 

Our content has been carefully designed to help you rise up out of old patterns that have been holding you back from releasing your potential.

We want you to find your inspiration to reset your direction so we’ve designed the tools you need to rise above stress and worry. With online yoga and wellbeing at your fingertips, you’ve got the tools you need, when you need them. 

No contracts, just great content to fit your schedule. 

Creating the Community Vibe

Please leave comments on the posts and let us know that you enjoyed a class by hitting the ‘like’ icon. Kudos and feedback will help us to make sure we share lots of content that you love. We really want you to benefit from this site, that means accessing engaging content that meets your needs. Commenting is also a great way for you to share as a community and really connect with our fellow members. After all, this community is to serve you, so let’s make sure it’s shaped by you.

We’d love a comment on this page to introduce your goals for becoming a member.

So, let’s get to it. Here’s what we have in store for you: 

Maggie's School of Love & Light - Yoga & Wellbeing

Kundalini Yoga

We add at least one new class a week, so you’ll always find great variety! Classes vary in length and are delivered with the intention of supporting your emotional and spiritual health as much as your physical health. Each class has a different theme and different intentions. 

Find out more about Kundalini Yoga in our ebook here


Mantra and Mudra

These quick classes are for you to deepen your learning and the effects of your yoga class. For example, all of the Chakra Synergy yoga classes have a linked mantra and mudra demonstration so that you can continue to develop and expand the desired effects on each chakra. The great thing about these is that they can be easily learned and can ‘slip in’ to busy schedules easily, some can be done in just 60 seconds! 

Find out more mantra and sound here

Short Courses

Short Courses are added throughout the year. The short course released with the Still We Rise launch is the Chakra Synergy course. This has been shared with the intention of giving you a clear understanding of the chakra system so that you can better understand your physical and spiritual needs and hopefully support this energetic system to develop with your practice. If you are looking to make changes in any aspect of your life, it’s our opinion that the chakra system is where you should start. 

The content can be used in any way you’d like but for the sake of learning and bringing balance to the chakra system, it’s our advice that you start with the Root Chakra before moving onto the Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra before moving on to the Aura. Spend at least a week on each chakra, you can always spend longer on specific chakras if you feel they need a little more nurturing than others. 


Life’s Challenges

This content will grow with the community. We would like to hear what our members are most looking for in these areas. It is expected that there will be supportive content for grief, anxiety, low mood, making changes, spiritual growth and creating abundance. We really want to respond to you guys though, so please let us know how to best serve you! 



Oooo, relaxation…my favourite part of yoga , in fact this is what made me fall in love with yoga, before hitting the mat for the first time I had never relaxed properly in my life! My mind was always whirring and chattering. Anyway, this is the section to hit if you are looking for some time out. We should really be meditating and relaxing at least once a day so try and squeeze this in to your daily routine, even if it’s just a 3 minute practice. This is also a great section to hit if you are ever struggling to sleep. I really hope that you find lots of comfort and relaxation in this zone to release those well needed and important endorphins for a healthy mind, body and soul. 

I’m really looking forward to getting to know you guys but most of all I’m looking forward to sharing simple tools for you to use so that you can LOVE the LIFE you LIVE

Sat Nam


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