Six Crystals for Sound and Energy Healing

Six Crystals for Sound and Energy Healing

26th February 2020 | Leah Morgan | Yoga Teacher | Reiki Master | Spiritual Coach

I get the great job of holding regular healing spaces for people to bring positive change into their lives, this is a real honour for me and something I get so much joy from. My aim has always been to ‘pass on’ anything that has got me through difficult times so that people can recreate these positive effects, whenever they need to, in their own lives. 

I’ve been especially excited to hold my very first All Night Healing Retreat later this week. For 12 hours, attendees will be immersed in reiki healing, giant crystal grid healing and the beautiful healing frequencies of extended gong baths. I have been carefully selecting the perfect crystals to support this event and thought it would be great to share details on the six crystals I decided so you can promote your own healing energies at home.

So here goes, the 6 crystals I selected…

1. Hematite

Offering a 12 hour healing session meant that I needed a crystal that supports grounding and hematite, often described as the grounding crystal,  does just that. Grounding is a process that connects us to our physical form within the physical world, hematite’s vibrations support this process by drawing our spiritual energies to the Earth’s energies. This process is believed to bring balance and harmony to the aura (the energetic field surrounding us all known as the 8th Chakra) by drawing energy to the root chakra realigning any energy that is ‘out of synch.’

Wider Uses

Memory | Grounding | Protective | Harmonises  mind, body and spirit | Concentration | Focus | neutralises negativity

2. Tree Agate

Tree Agate was my next crystal as it aids meditation. Meditation during gong sound healing will maximise the effects of the experience allowing the receiver to delve deep into the healing journey. This crystal works by bringing stillness to the emotional, spiritual and physical bodies and  helps to quieten the chaos of the mind. Both of these functions help to bring clarity and calmness which drive out discomfort and confusion. 

Wider Uses

Meditation | Self Esteem | Safety in challenging situations | Brings clarity and stability 

3. Snake Dragon Jade

I’ll be honest, I love to include this crystal anywhere I can for the simple reason that it supports communication with the faery world and I just love the idea of that! It will be a very welcome addition to our crystal grid as it helps connect to the natural rhythms of earth so we can move towards healing and releasing in order to access our full potential. 

This beautiful stone will compliment rose quartz as it cleanses the heart chakra helping us to release painful emotions that aren’t serving us whilst also aiding the effects of amethyst in helping us to let go of addictions and unhelpful behaviour patterns. 

Wider Uses

Fortune | Luck | Attracts love | Brings health and happiness | Connection with nature’s rhythms

4. Rose Quartz

I often encourage people to connect with their inner guide through listening to the truth in our hearts. Any healing journey will benefit from opening the heart so that the purest love can flow in and flow out from the universe. Opening the heart centres with this crystal will also let our hearts connect with the hearts of others, encouraging peace and compassion in all we do.

Through opening the heart centre and healing old wounds, the crystal will also help to reduce stress, tension, anger and worry in the receiver. This is such an important step as we move towards healing. For healing to occur, old wounds need to be recognised and released so that we can move on with less pain and discomfort. This process happens as a result of the vibrational frequencies of rose quartz which cleanse the emotional, physical and spiritual bodies allowing negative emotions to dissolve ready to be released back into the universe. 

Wider Uses 

Awakens the heart | Unconditional love | Calming | Restores harmony | Brings trust | Linked to all matters of the heart

5. Tiger Iron

The stone of action! And as with all healing journeys, there needs to be action in order to move towards change. This powerful crystal is made up of three powerful healing components: hematite, red jasper and tiger’s eye, the perfect combination for any project to come into fruition. 

Tiger iron is the crystal to accompany any important project or new venture as it connects you to your inner strength and hidden resources whilst also encouraging a clear and focused mindset. By using tiger’s iron in the crystal grid, we will be channeling positive energy into new tasks linked to the receiver’s deepest desires. 

Wider Uses 

Spiritual grounding | Releases excess energy | Strong healing energy | Enhances creativity | Brings action

6. Amethyst

During our healing event there will be a lot of powerful shared energy as people move towards change and healing. This stone will be used to bring protection and purification to these energies so we can all let go and release in a positive way.

Due to its high vibrational frequencies, amethyst is a great crystal for connecting with our higher states of consciousness by opening our spiritual channels. It helps us to let go of attachments that stunt spiritual growth, such as negative behaviour patterns, bad habits, over indulgence and addictions. This means that during our meditation we will be able to easily connect with our inner and spiritual guides.

Wider Uses

Purification | Protection | Memory | Motivation | Achieve goals | Connection with higher realms 

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