Yoga for Grief & Trauma Monthly Class Pass




Join as many available online yoga and meditation classes as you would like in a month with this class pass.

During these themed monthly blocks of Kundalini classes, you will learn effective internal tools to support you through every stage of your grief and trauma journey.

Kundalini yoga and meditation works on the body’s energetic systems known as the Chakras and the Nadis. Using yoga sets called kriyas, each week I will invite you to explore a specific outcome to support your grief and trauma journey.

You will learn how to go at your own pace so that you feel safe and secure as you embark on this healing journey for mind, body and soul. Kundalini yoga is effective at supporting you through grief and trauma as it directs the focus within. This approach means you do not need to talk about, or even think about, your past experiences or current pain in order for the practice to work. Simply using gentle and effective physical movements with healing mantras and relaxations will help you make emotional and physical releases at your own pace.

Using Yoga on your healing journey will also help you to understand the physical impact grief and trauma have on your body.

I am confident that you will feel gentle and effective benefits of Kundalini yoga from your very first session with me and, with the regular structured practice that these monthly themed blocks offer, significant relief from emotional and physical pain linked to your grief and trauma experiences is achievable.

Class pass allows access to as many online yoga and meditation classes as you would like, timetables may vary from time to time but this will remain great value for money.


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