Letting the Light in- Life after Grief and Trauma




You are a grief and trauma survivor looking to prioritise your self care and learn how to nurture yourself as you get ready to LET THE LIGHT IN to soothe your aching soul.

This 6 week self learning course will help you learn to ground yourself after the shockwaves of grief and trauma have left your life unrecognisable. You will learn how to reconnect with your inner resilience as you get to know the new person you have become while staying connected to the love you have for the person you have lost.

Get ready to RISE UP from the darkness of grief and trauma and reconnect with the light that is all around you.

Work with me to learn how yoga and wellbeing practices can provide you with life-long techniques that will hold you firm in any of life’s storms.

So, what’s covered in this course?

This course is designed to help you to build a toolkit of strategies to help you as you move through your journey of grief and trauma and uncover the light that is all around you. This spiritual journey covers the following:

  • How Grief and Trauma impact your emotional, physical and spiritual bodies 
  • Tools to feel grounded, even with demanding life commitments 
  • How to create and prioritise relationships and routines that promote your peace and move away from overwhelm
  • Ways that you can nurture yourself and find peace with your emotional, physical and spiritual experience 
  • Learn tools and strategies that you can use time and time again to support you rebuild and reconnect with your inner resilience and peace

How is the course delivered?

Weekly Yoga Class recordings suitable for beginners so you can integrate the emotional and physical changes you are calling in to your life

Live coaching and teaching videos in a closed facebook group (you can catch up any time)

Guided meditations to walk you step by step into a peaceful headspace

Audio lectures to listen to while carryout your usual daily activities

Workbook and Journal prompts to help you to feel able to dive deep into your thoughts, feelings and deepest desires

Next Course intake: W/C 9th January 2023



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