Full Moon Card Deck: Power Up Your Meditations

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Use this deck to tap into the full moon energy so you can get focused and clear on what you want. Before you can welcome in the new, this deck helps you to release what is holding you back and set goals (manifestations) for what you want to welcome in to your life.

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Power up your Full Moon Meditations

Full Moon Card Deck

This unique card deck contains a meditation and manifestation (something you want or a goal) card for each full moon of the year and can be used time and time again.

Each card has a description of that month's moon so you can understand and fully harness its power and a manifestation and release prompt so you can hold yourself accountable and review the goals you set.


The Full Moons of each year are as follows:

January Wolf Moon | February Snow Moon | March Worm Moon | April Pink Moon | May Flower Moon | June Strawberry Moon | July Buck Moon | August Sturgeon Moon | September Corn Moon | October Hunter's Moon | November Beaver Moon | December Cold Moon | Additional Blue Moon

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4 reviews for Full Moon Card Deck: Power Up Your Meditations

  1. Ruthie

    Beautiful cards, lovely illustrations. Really resinated with them. Helped raise me to tune in to the moons magic vibrations. Thankyou xxx

  2. Charlotte

    Received the full moon cards as a gift and fell in love ! Honestly such a thoughtful gift for someone. Such great quality. Simply beautiful and magical !

  3. Nicola

    I feel like I have really connected to these cards and I love that they provide a focus for each stage of the moon. I also really like that they encourage writing down manifestations and releases as this really helps clarify things for me and is great to look back on over time!

  4. Naomi

    Each time I pick one out the words just seem to resonant with how I am feeling and it helps me to remember to connect with nature snd positivity and be grateful for that natural connection that is always there.

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