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Love the life you live, no matter what the tide brings in. 
We are here to share the lessons little Maggie-Mae taught us through services underpinned by ten years of yoga practice and fifteen years of individual and group support . We believe it’s possible to make small but mighty changes that bring light to even the darkest of places. 

Where it all Began

Maggie-Mae, my daughter, was born on 13th September 2016 with Leukaemia. To be born with leukaemia is extremely bad luck, it happens to around 1 in 5 million babies, which is about 1 baby every 7 years, in the UK. Despite this, little Maggie managed to bring nothing but love and hope to those who were lucky enough to have met her and those who only got to hear about her. I never really expected to lose her. Losing her was never a possibility: she always fought back, she always won.

I remember one day sitting at my computer, while Maggie was having her afternoon nap, planning ‘Maggie’s School of Love and Light.’ It was my way of sharing the lessons I had learned from standing over my baby’s cot as she fought for her life and won. I felt an overwhelming urge to pay the ‘universe’ back for allowing me to keep my daughter. Sadly, just weeks later little Maggie relapsed. Two days after her 1st Birthday, a six month battle against that cruel disease began, again.

At Maggie’s bedside we admired her strength, we took every opportunity to live life to the fullest with her. We wrung out every drop of fun from every moment we had together. We made hospital our normal. We clung on to our happy family life, even within the isolation of the four walls of Maggie’s hospital room. We loved and nurtured the life we were living, even when Maggie was made poorly by treatment, we didn’t want to miss a minute with this beautiful little girl. In a situation that made us so powerless, making the best out of every moment was one of the few things we could do for Maggie. By her side we fought that disease too. Clawing back at it. Clutching on to hope with both hands, refusing to let Cancer swallow up everything it touched. This was Maggie’s life, this was our precious time with our baby. This life was ours and Cancer was not taking it.

Sadly, despite the best efforts of a world class medical team, our world crashed down around us when we heard those words that we had fought so hard to keep away: there was nothing more that could be done. On the 9th March 2018, just days short of reaching 18 months old and on my birthday, Maggie-Mae had to let go at 9:39pm. I made a promise to Maggie that her suffering would not be in vain and that the world would be a brighter, happier place because she had been here. So here it is, my gift to you, Maggie’s School of Love and Light, in memory of the most perfect little girl. With this gift, I want to pass on all I have learned about finding love and light in the darkest of places, about standing strong and holding on to life in the most turbulent of storms.

In short, I truly believe the reason I was able to stay standing through the dark days of cancer, and the even darker days that follow loosing a child, were the offerings I would like to share with you now, so you can love the life you live, no matter what the tide brings in. I have built our online members community because that’s what I wish I’d had at my finger tips during the most dark and lonely days of my life.

Article written by Leah little Maggie-Mae’s Mama