Tuesday 9:30am

LeAnanda Yoga Studio

Online & Wimborne


Wednesday 9:30am

Circle Meditation Centre


Suggested donation £10

Wednesday 7:45pm

LeAnanda Yoga Studio

Online & Wimborne


Thursday 9:30am



Class Details

Kundalini yoga works on the body’s energetic systems known as the Chakras and the Nadis. Using yoga sets called kriyas, I will walk you towards a specific outcome every session, whether this is emotional release or finding more direction you will find this a very ‘purposeful’ practice.

I’ll show you how to awaken your kundalini energy, that lies at the base of your spine, through a series of very specific postures, breath work, mantra, meditation and relaxation.

One of my favourite things about kundalini yoga is that the focus is within, this means your ability and experience isn’t what’s important, it’s your dedication to turning up for yourself that really counts. In each pose, you do the best your body allows, you respect your body’s limits whilst also pushing your mental and physical stamina.

I am confident that you will feel the benefits of Kundalini from your very first session and it won’t be long until you see and feel real results in your physical experience and your way of thinking.

You will develop tools to get the best from your mind, body and soul and body giving you a new perspective on your experience of life and your capabilities.

So, when you start Kundalini yoga, be prepared to manifest and welcome lots of positive changes into your life and relationships with others.