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I’m so pleased to welcome you to this special course. Kundalini yoga and the chakras is where my healing journey really began so it’s an honour to share these life-changing lessons with you because I know just how powerful they become with regular practice. 

Here’s how it works

I recommend you take this course over 8 weeks but the content will remain available to you for as long as the course is on sale. As an 8 week course, you would work through one chakra each week before ending week 8 on the Auric filled. Completed this way, each week you will get access to new learning content about a specific chakra that includes a yoga class, relaxation and a mantra and mudra to practice.

You can access your course book, which you can read at your leisure, using the link above.

What if I need help?

If you need help with any of the course content, please email me and my team via and we’ll be pleased to help.