Community Guideline and Rules


Community Guidelines

      • If you need support with anything on the site you can have a look at our FAQs or drop us a message here
      • We would love to hear what you would like to achieve from membership, so when you first join follow the ‘Start Here’ section and let us know your goals in the comments section of the ‘Welcome Article’. Following that, you can comment on any article. In order to make this a community that serves you, we want to hear what content you love, how it’s helped you and what you would like more of. The more you comment, the more we can add content that you love!


Community Rules

      • This is a community where people feel safe and comfortable sharing their experience. Therefore we have the following group rules: 
      • Nothing shared in the group can be shared outside of the membership platform. This includes resources and member comments.
      • All comments will be approved before publishing. Comments that contain any of the following will not be published.
        • Swearing
        • Discriminatory comments or hate speech
        • Spamming
        • Self or Organisation Promotion 
        • Harassment or bullying
        • Anything the management deem unacceptable or not beneficial to the purpose of the community and its members.
      • Rule violation may result in removal from the community.