Mindfulness is a powerful tool to have in your ‘emotional toolkit’ for coping with your grief and trauma. Here’s how simple and quick techniques can get you through the ups and downs of your journey.

1. The effects are instant

Whether it’s 1 minute or 30, the effects of mindfulness are instant. You can hit the reset button at any point in your day or access your inner resources to see you through a challenging experience

2. You can practice anywhere

You could be in line at the shop, waiting at the school gates or walking into work. You don’t have to sit in silence for mindfulness to work unless that’s something you want to do

3. It Energises you

Mindfulness can ease the weight and worry of the world and help you understand what you are experiencing. You’ll be able to ‘put down’ the emotional baggage you’ve been dragging around, leaving you with more energy and a choice in what your energy is spent on

4. It saves you time

Mindfulness helps you to see things for what they are. Seeing clearly means that you can stop wasting time and precious energy on things that don’t promote your wellbeing. Instead, you’ll focus on the things that matter so you are more efficient and less prone to mistakes or oversight

5. You don’t have to do anything

Mindfulness, despite what you may think, is a practice that takes no mental or physical effort. You don’t need to dig deep and find the motivation to get through, you don’t need to do anything other than hit the brakes. And let’s face it, you deserve a break!

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