Finding space for you amidst your grief may seem like an uphill battle you’d rather avoid: you’re already overwhelmed by the ‘shoulds’ and you’re running on empty. The truth is, self-care isn’t something you can skip when you find yourself frozen by grief in a world that just keeps on turning.

1. Stop ‘Shoulding’ on Yourself

I just love this advice! You’ve been forced to navigate a whole new world while the old world continues to turn, dragging you with it. This leaves you overwhelmed by all the ‘shoulds’ and crushed by responsibilities. 

When you catch yourself ‘shoulding on yourself’ (I smile every time I write this, it’s just spot on!) stop and ask: Is this a priority right now and will it bring me peace? If it’s neither of these things but an absolute must (like the ‘big shop’, for example) take someone up on their offer of help – even if it was 3 years ago – reach out.

2.  Find Space for Your Emotions

Your emotions are a way of your mind and body communicating something to you. You may find yourself acclimatised to the tremors of trauma undulating through life and be used to feeling utterly depleted. I’m here to tell you there is a gentler way on this journey by making space for your emotions.

You can identify the major impact grief and trauma has on your life but can you identify the subtle erosion on your emotional and mental health? Your emotions don’t lie and will tell you when something is bubbling up. Finding space to listen means you’re more able to digest the experience, seek help if needed and let it go, rather than being dragged through it time and time again.

3. Move Your Body

Grief and Trauma affect the body and it will tell you when you need to ‘listen up.’ Finding time to connect with your body every day (like a quick morning yoga practice or mindful walk) will help you to identify what your body needs. 

Your body may go unnoticed as you navigate grief and trauma. Every day it cradles your existence, carries the burden of your stress hormones and attempts to secrete and releases anything that no longer serves you. Your body is your loyal servant that continues to care for you without question, trust in its power and find space for its needs.

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